The Directorate is responsible for coordination of the business development, advisory, investment appraisal, portfolio management functions in KDC.
  • Business Development and Advisory Services
  • Appraisal and Administration
  • Portfolio Management

The Directorate is be responsible for advising management on all policies and strategies relating to Partnership development and resource mobilization as well as external debt management.

The Directorate is responsible for coordination of strategy, policy, research, innovation, planning and corporate performance management functions of KDC.

  • Strategy Planning and Performance Management
  • Research Policy and Innovation

The Directorate is responsible to providing leadership and coordination of Finance and Accounts, Human Resource Management, Administration, ICT and Corporate Communications functions’ of KDC.

  • Finance and Accounts
  • Human Resource and Administration
  • Corporate Communications and Branding
  • ICT

The Directorate is responsible for providing Company Secretarial services to KDC and its subsidiaries and ensuring KDC operates within its established legal framework and complies with statutory and other regulatory requirements. The Directorate is also responsible for providing legal advisory services to KDC Board and Management on legal and Corporate Governance issues.

  • Legal Services
  • Company Secretary

The Directorate is based on the Public Financial Management Act and Regulations and the Public Audit Act. The Department is responsible for providing independent, objective assurance and consulting activity aimed at adding value and improving the operations of the KDC.

The Department is responsible for advising Director General and the management on all policies and strategies on quality assurance and risk management. It will also task to ensure adherence to all quality standards for efficiency in all the areas of operations, management of risk and the development of risk management framework.

The supply chain Management is anchored in the Constitution through Article 227 and amplified by section 47 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015. It is responsible for providing professional opinion on procurement to the Director General/CEO and managing all the purchase and disposal of KDC store in accordance with PPADA Act 2015.

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